Husqvarna FS450 – VIDEO

You’ve probably seen our recent post on the Husqvarna FS450. (If not you can read it here.)
The once Swedish brand has shot a pretty great vid of this new little monster we like so much.
As always my advice is to turn the volume way up (so the rest of the office can enjoy that single cylinder howl), lean back, and enjoy…

Husqvarna started making motorcycles way back in 1903. At first with imported engines, but ever since 1918 it’s all in house.
In 1987 Husqvarna was sold to Italian Cagiva and became part of MV Agusta Motor S.p.A. Production moved to Varese, Italy.
In 2007 Huqvarna was sold to BMW Motorrad for 93 million euros.
On 31 January 2013 BMW Group announced that Pierer Industrie AG has bought full stake in Husqvarna AG. The company is headed by Stefan Pierer, current CEO of KTM-Sportmotorcycle AG.
It was announced that the company will be based at Mattighofen in Austria where production started on 11 October 2013.
Owing to the common ownership of Husqvarna, Husaberg and KTM it was decided that Husaberg will cease to exist as a marque and will provide technical assistance to the newly resurrected Husqvarna brand.
So the next time you ride or see a Husky, remember it all started in a small Swedish town called Husqvarna, not more than 150km from Gothenburg.
Now turn the sound up and hit that play button…

Last week to get Pimpstar Sticker Bomb Foil/Vinyl!


We love our custom bikes (and cars) wrapped in the Pimpstar StickerBomb and we still think they look absolutely dope! The only shade on our parade has been some trouble with delivery in time and as we have noticed this still continues we have decided to discontinue the vinyl graphics for the time being.

Last chance to get some Pimpstar StickerBomb Foil is this sunday and then, no more! (for an indefinite time)

Skärmavbild 2014-09-10 kl. 10.03.31

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Need to have: Husqvarna FS450 Supermoto


Ever since the departure of Husaberg and one of our favorite bikes ever (FS650) there’s been a little hole in the “I want to ride like a hooligan” section of motards. Sure, the KTM 690SMC gives a lot, but hardly that joyful feeling due to it’s sheer weight, and the KTM 500 never felt, well, as attractive for some reason (purely personal of course).


Well – ever since Husaberg got merged with Husqvarna by KTM there has been a vague promise, and a lot of hope that a new maniac motard would come forth. And judging by the specs the FS450 might be just that monster. 450cc, 60bhp, 110.5 kg, slipper clutch from Adler, 5-speed gearbox geared specifically for supermoto and a nice rev limit to 11,500 RPM makes this our new favorite bike right now!


On sale in october and more info here!