Megane RS vs Nino Pallavicini at Nürburgring


The Renault Megane RS is one of the fastest front wheel drive cars around the ring, with a lap time of 7:54 something if memory serves me right.

This is what happens when it encounters Nino Pallavicini who, as it turns out, has lapped the ring in 7:23. On a bike!


Hats off off to both driver and rider here.


There’s no denying it – it’s pretty damn cool to ride snow mobiles in the winter time and although it is sunny and warm outside right now we now exactly what we want to do this coming snow season! New video trailer for the upcoming Northernlights Film which is dropping near you this autumn.

The racers

This is one of the best F1 videos I’ve seen. Those of you who have been following F1 through the years will most likely appreciate it. Thanx for the tip T. Turn it up, lean back, and enjoy.