NORTHERNLIGHTFILMS VOL 1 – 30 minutes of pure fun!

Got a tip about the new Northernlightfilm on vimeo and definitiv worth a look! 30 minutes of great riding, nice shots and featuring our very own family rider Emil Ahrling you should check it out for sure!

Synopsis: “A Swedish snowmobilecrew with some of the most talanted riders in the world. Riders: Tim Marklund, Adam Thomelius, Rasmus Johansson, David Burman, Jens Andersson, Markus Lidberg, Tobias Hellström, Ella Snäll, Oskar Andersson, Emmelie Kauppi, Emil Ahrling… and more”

Support The Thrill

New Support The Thrill – vid from our boys down in SA. We’re looking at -18 degree celsius this upcoming weekend. So this warms us up plenty. Thanx for sharing guys!

Auction 24 of 24: Pimpstar x Blackbadger SPEXIAL shades

2015-12-24 12.48.41 HDR
2015-12-24 12.43.32 2015-12-24 12.45.24 2015-12-24 12.46.13 2015-12-24 12.47.46

Our final Xmas auction is finally here – and we are proud to offer this item for the first time and perhaps only time ever. A unique co-labo between Pimpstarlife and the exclusive Black Badger Advanced Composites (famous for everything dope with carbon fiber and glow stuff) combining our groovy SPEXIAL sunglasses with their special Moonglow material making this combo glowing hot! (they’re not hot, but they do glow cool).

One pair of these puppies currently exist, and they are not in any kind of serial production.
A total of 3 pairs have been made worldwide and they are dirt-expensive – but bidding starts at 99 cents so do you feel lucky?

Size is 15 cm frame width and is considered a large fit.
Moonglow glows like the name hints at but they are not battery powered and needs to be
charged by light. In other words, perfect for douchy indoor pub/night club usage!


EBAY EXCLUSIVE AUCTION 22 of 24: Enduro Tee 8-bit

Oh this has been a tricky bastard to work with and our ambitions are still high on this one. If you ever wonder what and how design thoughts are born well this is one part of it! After a day of some epic enduro riding we took a simple snapshot and instantly wanted to put it on a tee.
Gdamnit that was easier said than done…

Here is our efforts somewhere along the middle of the process – the print is some kind of 8-bit nightmare of the original photo print but charming in its own way.

Plus side – this tee will never be produced like this and you will be the only owner.
Minus side – this tee looks like it hit every ugly branch falling down a tree (but we still love it).