VIDEO: Pimpstar Paintball vs Motocross Mayhem Epicness!

It’s finally time to release our total nutter video where we finally was able to go bananas and combine paintball with our bikes! A huge thanks to Paintballfabriken for allowing the craziness to go down and for the whole Pimpstar family who came together and risked life and limb (isch).


This movie was actually suppose to be in our brand new webisode series which is dropping soon, but it was just too good to be left hanging anymore so check it out and enjoy! The webisode will feature some more behind the scnes, and also, if we’re lucky and he’s shit out of luck, family rider Dino throwing it down for the world record of Paintball shots fired at him! Subscribe at YouTube and don’t miss it!



To see more sweet behind the scenes photos, check out Sasha’s blog.