How to enjoy traveling: 1000 km in Bali

We got a tip from Jacob Laukaitis showcasing his recent (and 3rd) trip to Bali which he did in quite a jealous manner we have to say. Countless of hours exploring on and off the bike and in general just having a blast beats sitting in front of a desk wouldn’t you agree?

(although it requires quite a lot of hours in front of your screen to edit those hours of films!)

This probably means we have to bring some supermotos over to Bali sometime soon….

VIDEO: The not-so-epic roadtrip to Sälen last year!

This one is a semi-dailies since well, we didn’t really know what we had left on our cameras from last year and turns out this was not cool enough to be a longer movie!

To our defense we managed to snag a KTM 500 EXC with Snow tracks on for a little ride. Not a good ride, just a ride…


We all start from somewhere and we like to think that every sort of riding should be encouraged if done with passion and joy. That said we’re proud and happy to be part of the annual Brodalen Meet in Sweden and hope to see you there next year as well!