JJ Abrams Husqvarna teaser

Husqvarna Motorcycles is about to release some very exciting news on EICMA soon and just dropped this teaser. Not much can be seen but we kinda feel this is the trailer JJ Abrams would have directed if they’d let him.

All kidding aside and ignoring the lens flares used we’re really looking forward to the new Husky models and will see if we can get to drive some of them!

Sunnyside Experience

Winter is getting closer. Those of you who know me know I can’t wait. I do love the snow and cold. The only thing missing for this winter is a Fiesta R5. This little monster is built by M-Sport in Dovenby Hall. 300hp in 1270kg makes for a brilliant performance. This vid is from when the livery came on. Note the logos on the roof. Check out the YouTube channel for more vids of them tearing it up through the Swedish forests. As always I urge you to turn the sound way up, and enjoy!

Pimpstarlife 100 000 Facebook Family!


When Pimpstarlife was founded back in 2010 no one would have guessed we would one day have a global family, let alone one that is 100 000 people strong and represented in over 29 countries.

It’s a milestone for us and tells us that what we are doing is appreciated and makes us want to fight on more for the future and raise the bar on what we do.

To be perfectly honest, a lot of people think that Pimpstarlife is way bigger than it is, but the fun facts are that we’re a small independent clothing company in Sweden and we work our butts off to offer clothes and gear that is actually way over over financial levels.

In short terms, we’re not rich, we’re not cashing out any money from the brand but we love what we do and reaching a hundred thousand people gives us even more energy to keep on with what we are doing and what we love!

Thank you to everyone in the family!
(as a small token to everyone, for the next 10 days we’re taking the bill from shipping ourselves and ALL orders (no minimums) are free shipping!) NOTE: Free worldwide shipping ends on November 7th 2014.

On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter

On Any Sunday premiered back in 1971 and took a look inside motorcycle racers real life stories as well as their achievements. The original movie was directed by Bruce Brown and now, more than 40 years later his son, Dana Brown picked up the torch and lit a whole new kinda flame in On Any Sunday Next Chapter. Fueled by insane 4k footage and one of the strongest media houses out there today, the RedBull Media House this movie looks, simply put – awesome.

Check out more about the movie here.