A Changing of the Guard – Erzbergrodeo XX – Ep 3


With multiple championships under his belt, Cyril Despres left a lasting impression on the enduro scene. However, with one missed gate and a disqualification, he ended his stint at the Erzbergrodeo. This made room for newcomer Taddy Blazusiak, who took the race by surprise in a pure underdog victory. Signed up as a private driver with a borrowed motorbike, the unknown phenom was first to the podium in ’07 and has been a force to be reckoned with ever since.

Monster Energy: The Mint 400, The Great American Off-Road Race


The Mint 400, the gnarliest off-road race in the United States, pits the greatest athletes in off-road against one another. The Monster Energy Off-Road Team came out in full force, fielding five Trick Trucks and one 6100 class Truck. The 400 mile course is laid out through rocks, silt, lake beds, and massive whoops. Combine this with 335 of the baddest off-road race cars ever built and you have The Great American Off-Road Race.

For more information on The Mint 400, visithttp://www.TheMint400.com