McLaren P1 VS BAC Mono on track

This is interesting. During last week I played a video game. I haven’t done that much since Donkey Kong was popular, but when our CEO showed up with a car game, of course I had to try it. One of the cars in it was the Bac Mono. It seemed seriously fast. In real life I’m a decent driver. When playing video games, not so much. I got my ass handed to me. But despite my lack of fingerspitzengefühl, the car was brilliant. I got curious, of course, so I wanted to find out exactly how fast it is. I found this vid. Turns out I was right. It’s fast. It’s really really fast.

Check out the McLaren P1 VS BAC Mono on track with Oliver James Webb and Paul Bailey at the Silverstone international GP track…


While on the Ken Block theme, a colleague of mine found this (Thanx for the tip, Jimmy).
I need one. I need one this instant. That way we can all enjoy winter together.
I figure Tobie Miller likes to snowboard. Roos, Igge and the rest of our crew do too. So get me one of these, and I’ll pull you guys along all day.
I’ll enjoy the snow my favorite way, from inside a car, and you guys can tumble around in it, like you prefer.
Oh,and we’ll be needing snow too. Lots of it.
So, Dear Santa…