Pimpstarlife Podcast Ep.7 – Daniel Roos, The Rooster

Ever wanted to know the life of a professional race car driver? The routine, the hard training and the mental game before the competition? In this Pimpstarlife podcast episode we don’t really answer any of thoose perfectly good questions sadly, but we do talk a lot about nothing important at all! And about the fact that we play way too much PS4.

Proud to present the first episode with Pimpstar Family race car driver, Daniel Roos! Hosted by yours truly, Tobie Miller!

How to drift a RWD car

Those of you who follow us on social media know by now that I’ve finally got my Subaru BRZ.
It’s a fantastic little car in my book. Light, with extremely low center of gravity, and has a Torsen differential.
In other words it’s perfect if you’re into drifting. To be honest, I’m not. I’ll do it, of course, but it’s not why I’ve bought it.
I’ll be doing as much time as I possibly can on the track though.
But, a lot of the people I meet, who come up and talk about the car, ask if I’ll be using it for drifting.
The drifting sceen is growing. Fast. So I figured there are probably a lot of people out there wanting to give it a try.
To help you along when you’ve got your hands on something RWD, I found a vid with some tips on just that.
How to drift…

Stunt Jam 2014 – Behind The Scenes

You’ve all (hopefully) seen the the Stuntjam 2014 movie. (If not, it’s right here.)
Stuntjam is all about getting together, hanging out and riding bikes.
Every year our stunters in Gothenburg invite stunters from all over Sweden and Europe for a week of riding and hanging out.
This movie gives you a look behind the scenes at Stuntjam 2014.

Official Pimpstar Graphic Kits and more just dropped!

Pimpstar Banger graphic kit

It’s been a busy few months here at the HQ to finish up all our BRAND NEW GRAPHIC KITS, testing out producers, different vinyls and laminates and of course, making sure we actually offer something we really want to use ourselves!


We’re proud to say that we just dropped our biggest collection of graphics ever and we packed the drop full of brand new custom graphic kits, enough models to cover even Fabios garage! And on top of that we got our dirty hands on some cool cuts for smart phones, rim stripes and some other cool stuff we will drop further on (did anyone say PS4 kit?).


It doesn’t stop there though since we can finally also drop our beloved Swing Arm Stickers and brand new 2015 Pimpstar Sticker Sheets. Hopefully everything you need to stick everything in sight up!

(we also have a bunch of new freebie stickers that you can either send for or just enjoy with your order since we always put down a few of each in every shipment we send out!)

Ayrton Senna’s Heel-and-toe

I’m not even going to try to top the youtube comment that says: “Some say his loafers come with built in traction control”.
Just watch, and enjoy. Calm and collected, going all in wearing shades and loafers.

“Ayrton Senna, convinced Honda to stiffen the NSX chassis further after initially testing the car at Honda’s Suzuka GP circuit in Japan. Senna further helped refine the original NSX’s suspension tuning and handling spending a whole day test driving prototypes and reporting his findings to Honda engineers after each of the day’s five testing sessions. Senna also tested the NSX at the Nurburgring and other tracks. The suspension development program was far-ranging and took place at the Tochigi Proving Grounds, the Suzuka circuit, the 179-turn Nurburgring Course in Germany, HPCC, and Hondas newest test track in Takasu, Hokkaido.”