Ep.4 – The MC Mässan Road Trip

Pimpstarlife Podcast

We’re back with a special kinda podcast, recorded just now in the car on our way to the MC Mässan in Stockholm, Sweden with Tobie Miller and JosefX3M. Pimpstarlife will be attending for the whole week at the fair and we got family riders Josef and Crill on the show floor along with some of our good friends.

And this podcast is our talk-up to the event (unfolding tomorrow) and also to let you know as our listener that you should get on those comments to let us know what you want to hear, and who to talk to during this event!

For more info about the fair, check out www.mcmassan.se

Looking for retailers to join the Family

Pimpstarlife Retailers 2015

We are looking for some nice retailers to help us carry the brand out to the world, if not as a way of getting closer to our global family and cutting down on some of the expensive shipping costs we’re having. If you represent a good retailer or know of any in your area that would fit us – please contact us or let us know!

Spring/Summer collection 2015 is on its way and we’re letting a selected few retailers in on the quick strike drops happening around the corner. More than happy to see the global recognition and hoping to get a bit closer to you out there!

Email us at sales@pimpstarlife.com



Our Support The Thrill series is back, can’t believe we’re at 20 posts already and hundreds of videos posted! Got to take a moment here and express our gratitude for being part of such an awesome community and we’re stoked have the pleasure and honor to continue spreading the word! Without further delay, here are some nice vids to keep you entertained from around the world!

Polaris RZR and Suzuki GSX-R on ice

We miss riding. We always miss riding in the winter. So to get through the cold we have to come up with other stuff. Last year we had a blast up north, as you’ve probably seen in the Winter Mayhem Video.
What we don’t have a lot of is frozen lakes. Unfortunately. They provide an excellent playground when properly frozen, for both cars and bikes. Many hundred years ago when I was young they’d freeze enough, but not these days. I could still see myself having a lot of fun in that Polaris though. Perfect vehicle for blasting around in, both summer and winter.

Now lean back, turn it up, and check out this Polaris RZR and Suzuki GSX-R battling it out on a frozen lake! (Thanx Candy Man for the tip.)