Embrace the wolf – PSL Heavy Industries


Introducing the Pimpstar x PSL Heavy Industries collection. The result of too many late nights in the garage, too much beer and too many bad decisions.

We grow older but we don’t really grow up and this is our new awesome mistake in that true path. Embrace the wolf, haul ass and howl at the moon with us!

PSL Heavy Industries features a small initial collection available with two short sleeves and two iconic long sleeves metal tees. Made as much for riding as for drinking and working, join the pack, open the brewskis and go get hurt.


Shop the collection at Pimpstarlife shop.

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VIDEO: KTM 950-ish NOS Hillclimb (teaser in majestic 4:3)

With a more spectacular title than content we proudly present our first ever Hillclimb teaser! This winter, a very brave and foolish girl names Carolin promised us she was going to hillclimb with this monster bike come summer.

Summer came, she rode! Unfortunately our camera operator was a bit too thrilled so a lot of “record” presses became “stop record” presses… Also, 4:3 format is the new shiznit. At least when you forget the proper setup.
No Worries, we will make sure she returns to this event next year!

REVERSE – New Pimpstarlife short flick

Family rider Johan Hellberg and Tobie Miller teamed up a while ago to document Johans new FMX ride and the making-of process. Things got a little delayed (he has a newer bike now haha!) but we ended up with a little poetic video that goes pretty well with bike building.

Not the usual video from us but we hope you like it just as much as we do!

Pimpstar x MotoProWorks Graphic kits

Pimpstarlife MotoProWorks


As some of you’ve already noticed we have cracked open our own can of whop-ass with the launch of MotoProWorks – our inhouse printshop for high quality graphic kits, decals and more. The main reason we started this new endeavour was mainly to take back som control and shorten runtimes we had previously faced; that and the fact that we love this kind of stuff and when we got the chance to jump into print production, hell yeah we’re game!

Our Pimpstarlife Graphic kits will still be available via our regular shop of course but if you want some extra features, more kits and such, please head on over to check out the new site!