We’ve got some new PSL shirts. – Limited amount

A while back we did our very first PSL run to a huge success and then we had a thought as to try them on without the back prints – hate it or love it we now have a limited supply of these “one sided” shirts available so go check them out!

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PSL Heavy Ind – Garage Tee (Black) – No back print
PSL Heavy Ind – Zero Days Long Sleeve (White) – No back print




One last heroic Banger

The last one. The final piece. The Banger.
Turns out we have one more left. It’s been hiding and scheming in a box for years, partly ashamed because it turns out it has seen some weird things in it’s life, so weird in fact that the patch is upside down!

But we kinda like it – and you can have it, if you’re fast (and wear size Medium).
Feeling lucky?

(close-up of our fallen hero. It seems to have been drunk in a fight)

Going against the norms. Pre-ordering back our control

Pimpstar was founded back in 2010 by two longtime friends who loved to ride. As the story usually goes reality set in and after a short time they separated ways, one of them way to stupid to stop doing what they had started. By the split of the second and third year Pimpstar really started growing and in a cute pursuit of evolving into a “real” clothing company (fancy cut and sew and stuff) the stupid guy decided to bet everything he had on it.

That was sooo smart.

Basically the last 3 years have been a constant struggle, production problems, factories lying, size charts being wrong and quality not nearly matching the pursuit we have in mind. It’s been f*cking harsh.

It’s hard to balance dreams with reality. Where do we as a brand aim in terms of ambition, quality, trends? Cool new products? I spent 2 years developing a kickass kevlar lineup in both hoodies, jackets and supermoto pants(!) only to be fucked by a lying factory who took the money and ran.
On the first big cut and sew order it turned out that all the sizes were too small. Awesome. 

There are numerous other examples of just hard-learning, struggling and eating shit all day long. But this text is not about complaining or nagging about what one deserves or not – I believe you aint entitled to shit really. You have to never give up basically and then maybe you get something nice on the other side of the tunnel and light (and hopefully it’s not a train coming at you).

So –  it’s time to stop worrying about all the problems out there and we’re taking back a little bit of control with a weird move!
We’re after all, celebrating 7 damn years alive and we’re doing it against all the rules and regulations out there!

We are relaunching ourFAVORITE pieces from our past collections – We’re going back to where it all started and we hooked up with our original print house, we sourced back our original garments (sizes fit and zippers don’t f*cking break yay!)

Pre-ORDER timeframe and exclusive prices goes on until MARCH 6th and ships at the end of March. Pretty sweet!

Best regards

Tobie Miller / Frost
(Don’t call it a comeback, we’ve been here for years. – LL Cool J)

Embrace the wolf – PSL Heavy Industries


Introducing the Pimpstar x PSL Heavy Industries collection. The result of too many late nights in the garage, too much beer and too many bad decisions.

We grow older but we don’t really grow up and this is our new awesome mistake in that true path. Embrace the wolf, haul ass and howl at the moon with us!

PSL Heavy Industries features a small initial collection available with two short sleeves and two iconic long sleeves metal tees. Made as much for riding as for drinking and working, join the pack, open the brewskis and go get hurt.


Shop the collection at Pimpstarlife shop.

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