2014: A yearly summary in cut-and-sew, pictures and worldwide family!

Maybe we’re getting older but this year flew by really fast. We have been nervous about new collections and our first cut-and-sew line. We have been thrilled by sunny days of riding and honored to have welcomed aboard new team riders. In 2014 we had to say goodbye to some people very close to us but we also welcomed new lives (relax, the kiddos will get bikes soon!) and we have seen our global family rise like never before!

With over 100 000+ family strong on facebook, 40 000+ on instagram and 70 000+ strong on YouTube we are bigger than ever and it is all thanks to you.

Pimpstarlife is a small independent clothing brand from Sweden, Gothenburg and we started this journey over four years ago and although we had dreams and ambitions I think it’s safe to say we barely dared to dream of such a large worldwide family that we now boost. Sincerely, thank you.

We always try to push ourselves and what we do, be it in new video gear, locations or new media (like our podcasts we just started with) we’re always focused on our core values; family, quality and having fun. And that stands truer than ever before for 2015 where we quite proudly will launch our new MX Banger gloves, a totally new rider shirt/hoodie, winter gear and we will FINALLY start with our custom graphic kits again!

Winter is upon us now and we do like that cold bastard as long as it consists of plenty of nice snow to ride in and we will dig our toes a bit deeper in the winter season next year and some of you might have already seen the sneakpeeks we have dropped around our social media channels. It’s gonna be a blast!

Speaking of new projects you might have caught us saying and you can look forward to is a stunt riding journey from the very first steps, trial riding by a very heavy dude (yours truly) and with a little luck a poke back to supermoto stunting from one of your favorite riders amongst many other things we have planned.

This is starting to become a long text so I’ll cut it short. Thank you for being part of our family. Thank you for supporting this tiny little clothing brand and thank you for cheering us on with our sometimes stupid ideas and projects (yeah that podcast is really silly but fun).

In short, thank YOU.

All the best
/Tobie Miller – Founder, Pimpstarlife


2014/12/31 |

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