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As some of you’ve already noticed we have cracked open our own can of whop-ass with the launch of MotoProWorks – our inhouse printshop for high quality graphic kits, decals and more. The main reason we started this new endeavour was mainly to take back som control and shorten runtimes we had previously faced; that and the fact that we love this kind of stuff and when we got the chance to jump into print production, hell yeah we’re game!

Our Pimpstarlife Graphic kits will still be available via our regular shop of course but if you want some extra features, more kits and such, please head on over to check out the new site!





August 17th, 2016
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Pimpstarlife Podcast Ep. 13 – Elliot and Slota

The Pimpstarlife Podcast is back with the fastest recorded and published episode ever!

Elliot Gröndahl and Oliver Slota from our stunt family is back with us for a second time since the first time two weeks ago was lost in data corruption. No tears, just at it again so enjoy this amazing podcast from your favorite brand!

August 7th, 2016
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The Brodalen passion

Every year hundreds of crazy passionated teenagers get together for the Brodalen event in Gothenburg. It’s a fucking 50cc mayhem fest and we love it and we support it all the way.

Sure, there are some craziness going on but for the most part it’s about sharing a passion, a passion for bikes and to ride and whats not to love with that! For this year we will unfortunately not be attending, at least not in official regards but we will be there and show some support in other ways, just not with our infamous tent. This does not mean we don’t care or like some rumors we’ve heard, that we do not like the idea anymore – quite the opposite, we love it.

So yeah, unfortunately we won’t be there this year in full force but hopefully we will be there next year!
(oh, and if you’ve read this far, we’re planning a nice get-together-event for everyone to participate in before the season ends….ooooh)

August 2nd, 2016
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Pimpstarlife Podcast Ep. 11 – Double Trouble

After a shit-long hiatus we’re back with what you all wanted the most! Not really since we know we’re a little short on vids and clothing right now but fear not, that too is coming! For now though, enjoy this very badly-recorded double episode of your least loved podcast show!

July 19th, 2016
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