Dreams worth supporting: Help out the Swedish Junior Supermoto Team get to Supermoto of Nations!

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No matter if you are racing, riding or just love all one-man sports where you can get hurt, when you get the chance to help out someone with their dreams we’re all down for it. In Sweden, motor sport in general is sadly not getting all the love it sometimes deserves and if you’re not already up there in the big races it’s more than hard to get the funds to chase your dreams – even when you have what it takes to take that shot, it might be out of reach just because of the economical side.

The Swedish Junior Supermoto team consists of three talented riders, Hampus Gustafsson (16 years), Kevin Fagre (18 years) and Max Ericsson (19 years) with plenty of talent despite their young age and although they are fully supported by the Swedish Motorcycle Federation (SVEMO) the sad truth is that there’s not yet enough funds to send them to Supermoto of Nations in Pleven, Bulgaria.

WIth less than TWO WEEKS left to gather the necessary funds of 50 000 SEK (5 700 EUR / 7 600 USD) in order to send the team over we want to urge everyone who can and wants to too head on over to the team page and donate whatever you can – a donation of just 1 euro will help them get closer to their dreams!

Click here and help the Swedish Junior Supermoto team get to Supermoto of Nations in Pleven the 5-6th of october!

The video below is in Swedish but check it out, share the vid and make sure to check out the guys on Facebook and Instagram:
Facebook Supermoto Sweden
Make sure to show your support with #braaapfonden

And we from Pimpstar/PSL would also like to say that other than supporting the Junior Team with what we can we are not affiliated with any other organization or federation – we support ALL one-man sports where you can get hurt, and that goes for everyone, anywhere, in any country, we just do what we can to help out.

Go ride.

2013/09/12 |

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The Swedish Junior team is going to Supermoto of Nations!
The Swedish Junior team is going to Supermoto of Nations!