Epic Roadtrip: Alaska to Argentina in 500 days

Alex Chacon, a Texas resident did what many of us dream about – took his bike, packed his bags and set of on an epic journey through the Pan American route!

Some mindblowing sights and we’re sure, lifetime memories served straight up, all with the help of what we all love the most – two wheels, an engine and adrenaline.

This of course reminds us of our own friend Kenneth Bäck who set out on an truly epic goal to ride around the world on his KTM, sadly he couldn’t finish the journey this time due to a sadly timed accident (we know he’s getting back in no time though!) but it just proves – Dream big and go get that dream!

Check out more from Alex Chacon and get inspiration for your own journey at www.expeditionsouth.com and thanks to Shockmansion for always giving us vids to share

2013/05/06 |