Ford Focus RS – Mk4

It’s here! Finally! (Yes, yes, so is the 488 GTB, but never mind that now).
Most of you know I work for Volvo. The MK3 RS had our 5cyl Volvo engine in it, and it sounded fantastic.
It (the MK3) is by FAR the most brutal front wheel drive car I’ve ever driven, or even been in.
Due to Revo Knuckle and Quaife they managed to get all that power and torque into the ground using only the front wheels.
Impressive engineering that.

So what now, you ask. 4-pot? Yes. The same (roughly) 4-pot that’ll be going in the Mustang.
Seems it’ll be landing at around 320hp(CV).
Should be enough considering it’s… are you sitting down?… four wheel drive.
You know what… instead of you reading all this stuff, just watch the vid.
Henry Catchpole from Evo Magazine, has a chat with Ford’s Design Manager, Ernesto Rupar.

I know you all expect me to tell you about the lights, but I’m sad to say I don’t know. Considering all the fuzz about the Mondeos full LED headlights, I expected this to have them too, but I honestly can’t be sure just by looking at the pics.
I’m afraid it looks as if it’s normal xenon (HID) lights.
As usual none of the journalists bother to ask either. Torque and lights jurnous.
Torque and lights. We (I) always want to know!

2015/02/03 |

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