Pimpstar / Pimpstarlife is a clothing brand founded in 2010 by two friends who did the classic thing – got together one cold night, dreamt about warm weather, riding bikes and having fun. It just so happend that they also liked sweet clothes, gear and everything that could get your blood going. The name itself is our way of saying -Don’t take everything too serious or you’ll miss out on all the fun stuff in life.

We all share the love of the thrill, the adrenaline and that stupid ass smile you get when you just pulled off something very stupid and sketchy. We stem from a mixed background of skateboarding, snowboard, bmx, martial arts, motocross, street bikes, drifting cars and graffiti. It’s a weird mixture sometimes but hey, that’s what we’re all for – enjoying life.

Pimpstar is based in Gothenburg, Sweden and constantly support all one-man sports out there where you can hurt yourself.

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