Kenneth Bäck – Around the World on a KTM 990 2012/2013

Sometimes you sit around and dream about BIG stuff and most often those thoughts just end up in the back of your head and collecting dust. Very rarely do you ever go over and above the means necessary to actually achieve those dreams. Well, if you don’t happen to be Kenneth Bäck.

Kenneth is on a epic f*cking journey across the WORLD on his KTM 990! And he’s bringing us on the journey via his facebook page (sadly just in swedish for now but enough pokes and we might have him write in english as well..)

He started his epic journey in Sweden, then off to Europe, Asia, South America and North America and back home again! Talk about living your dream and on top of all that, he put down all the expenses by himself!  watermark copy paper origins of ww1 essays in concluding his essay the sorrow songs dubois claims that shooting an elephant essay questions the importance of being a teacher essay events that changed my life essay abraham lincoln great emancipator essay structure of dissertation proposal nickel-and-dimed-critique-essay persuasive essays on school violence So go check out his journey and give him all the love and support!

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