Need to have: Husqvarna FS450 Supermoto


Ever since the departure of Husaberg and one of our favorite bikes ever (FS650) there’s been a little hole in the “I want to ride like a hooligan” section of motards. Sure, the KTM 690SMC gives a lot, but hardly that joyful feeling due to it’s sheer weight, and the KTM 500 never felt, well, as attractive for some reason (purely personal of course).


Well – ever since Husaberg got merged with Husqvarna by KTM there has been a vague promise, and a lot of hope that a new maniac motard would come forth. And judging by the specs the FS450 might be just that monster. 450cc, 60bhp, 110.5 kg, slipper clutch from Adler, 5-speed gearbox geared specifically for supermoto and a nice rev limit to 11,500 RPM makes this our new favorite bike right now!


On sale in october and more info here!

2014/09/04 |

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Husqvarna FS450 – VIDEO
Husqvarna FS450 – VIDEO