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For the last couple of years a solid group of organizers get together for one day and throw down one of Swedens biggest 50cc meet ups, gathering hundreds of scooters, vespas, derbys, custom builds and young riders. We’re proud to have been invited for the third time for this event and happy to see that so many people are growing into the moto-life.

This flick gives our perspective of the day, the riders and the good vibes beating even some bigger events we’ve been too. Well done!

A lot of prejudice and shit goes with almost any young practitioner in all genres but we for one don’t stand for it. We have all been young, and even though we don’t really run around yelling you only live once (everyone knows Nancy had it right and you indeed only live twice) we support the next generation of the family, and really you should too.

Bring on the ruckus!


2014/08/20 |

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Pimpstar visits Brodalen 50cc Mayhem
Pimpstar visits Brodalen 50cc Mayhem