A lot of new fresh merch is under way, amongst other hoodies for riding and drinking. We produce quality merch made to take a few hits, of everything…

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2 thoughts on “FRESH HOODIES & MERCH”

  1. Street, Dirt, Garvel, Girls???? (Om man e tjej då o vill ha Boys!! ;)) Kanske finns tjejer som är intresserad av att köpa en hood med det trycket, men INTE är intresserad av tjejer! 😀

    För övrigt, snygga bilder o riktingt snygga t-tröjor o hoods!


  2. Hey! I freaking love your company/shop!!!!! !!! Can you send me stickers to put on my ski helmet, skateboard, and surfboard so I can rep my favorate company and a Shirt if your in a good mood:)??!! Other schwag would be awesome too! Thanks! Hope you enjoy the pics!! If you wanta see more just ask I even made a video!

    Henry Luchow

    13979 Holt Rd.

    Milan IN 47031

    Thanks for your time,

    Henry Luchow

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