Official Pimpstar Graphic Kits and more just dropped!

Pimpstar Banger graphic kit

It’s been a busy few months here at the HQ to finish up all our BRAND NEW GRAPHIC KITS, testing out producers, different vinyls and laminates and of course, making sure we actually offer something we really want to use ourselves!


We’re proud to say that we just dropped our biggest collection of graphics ever and we packed the drop full of brand new custom graphic kits, enough models to cover even Fabios garage! And on top of that we got our dirty hands on some cool cuts for smart phones, rim stripes and some other cool stuff we will drop further on (did anyone say PS4 kit?).


It doesn’t stop there though since we can finally also drop our beloved Swing Arm Stickers and brand new 2015 Pimpstar Sticker Sheets. Hopefully everything you need to stick everything in sight up!

(we also have a bunch of new freebie stickers that you can either send for or just enjoy with your order since we always put down a few of each in every shipment we send out!)

2015/03/06 |