We’re not for the big masses and will never be high society. We ain’t got no problems with that. We don’t represent one kind of people and we don’t strive to follow paths nor certain looks. It’s simple, we just wanna have a blast, as often as we can!

Pimpstar is a way to take it to the next level. It’s a combination of news, merch and clothes that represents the love for loud vehicles that are way too fast for your health, way too dangerous and a shit load of fun. But it does makes life a whole lot more fun!

We just released our first collection that consists of hoodies and tee’s. Merch that are meant to be used, abused and violated. Check out our collection here and we’re more than happy to hear your thoughts and feedback.

Collection 2010

Pimpstar is about having a blast. Simply put.
It’s very simple. We want to combine all the thins around us that we like. We tend to like stuff that are fast, loud and things that gets you dirty. In all ways.

In this, our own little playground, we publish and share our passion with minds that think alike.

It’s loud and not very discreet. It represents our passion, what we do. It’s in your face.

Why? Because we like it.


Pimpstar is all about having fun, drive things makes too much noise and laughing while doing it. It’s about embracing the good things in life that makes you smile. Pimpster is a family where everyone who shares our lifestyle is welcome. Sure, we probably don’t appeal all people but what difference does it make, at least you got invited!

Pimpstars soul is with all the riders across the world that contributes with their skills, knowledge and material. We don’t have million contract pro’s on our payroll because we got something better. You. After all, it’s all about inspiring each other and having a blast. We wanna give all of you who makes Pimpstar what it is a special place and this is it. Here you find riders of our extended family who shares our passion and contributes with material of their lifestyle. Mail your pics and vids to us at info@pimpstar.se info@pimpstar.se and we’ll make sure you get some spotlight on the site too. A big up for your support!

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Bring it!

Pimpstar has a vision of inspiring people and to share our passion for fresh material from all over the world. If you got something to show, bring it. Send your vids and pics of you and your crew and we’ll make sure you get some spotlight on here too.