The UNKNOWN Ride (4K) – Unknown Industries

Unknown Industries are back with a bang – one of the most enjoyable stunt videos in a while, doing something new and funny (tacos is always a good source of energy as we all know).



I was… looking for a recipe for fillet of beef, when I came across this. Lovely video.
“At an undisclosed location in the hills of eastern Norway, we found the infamous Underground Garage JZX30 Cressida and Northern Europe’s only Russian Arm. This is what happened.”

Backstage: Wrapping the Sunnyside Ford Fiesta R5 Love, Peace & Rally 2016

Go behind the scenes and see some wrap magic of this Pimpstar blasted rally car! We’re stoked to announce we’ll be on the Sunnyside Experience Fiesta R5 for this years rally season and as most of you know, the right stickers will shave important seconds of any laptime!

This is the Sunnyside Fiesta R5 being striped at record speed.
Design was made by Profil 46.
Foil was put on by Screenbolaget.
Music by Dregen with permission.