Pimpstar KTM 350 Freeride “Family Edition” for sale

Pimpstar KTM 350 Freeride

We’re a little bit sad to see this bike go, but we have some new plans that are even more stupid that we have to go for. So without further ado – Pimpstar KTM 350 Freeride “Family Edition” bike is up for grabs via our favorite shop CEC/Crossvaruhuset.se

The bike comes with or without the custom black pattern foil (enduro version) and when we bought it we had itchy trigger fingers so we bought every damn Power Parts that we could (note, the akra pipes hadn’t hit the market yet so don’t blame us!). It has been used as it should but anyone who knows anything about these bikes knows they can take whatever beating you throw at them and in all honesty, dare we say that the enduro riding this bike has been through aint sh*t compared to a lot of other bikes out there (mostly because we’re better at supermoto riding than enduro!).

And as we said, our next venture will be even more dumb so we look forward showing you that one!

If you’re interested in the bike and want to know more, please call CEC directly at (+46) 031-795 32 25





2014/07/03 |

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I really want a KTM 350 Freestyle
I really want a KTM 350 Freestyle