Pimpstarlife PODCAST Ep.1 – That first ever Pimpstar podcast


Stupid ideas are somewhat really fun things to do. Or they get you killed. Hopefully this fits the first category and so without further delay, here is the first ever Pimpstarlife Podcast. The first show ever. The numbero episode 1.

Please enjoy a podcast where we don’t really know anything about the format but instead have a few cold ones and kick back talking shit with our friends, family, riders and people around us we like and love!

During the course of the podcasts lifespan (however long that will be. Really depends on you as a listener) – we will talk about some more tips and tricks, behind the scenes, interviews and maybe share some secrets. We’ll just have to wait and see if we figure this audio thingy out and you enjoy it!

Have fun, cover your taste-ears and hit that play button!
(we think we added the show to iTunes as well so be sure to subscribe there although it might take 24-48 hours the tiny text on the page said…)

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