S T U N T I S M – “Slow” | Super slow-mo stunt riding part. 1


S T U N T I S M – Our new ongoing project to give you a glimpse from another perspective, and time frame from the art of stunt riding. Follow us in the first chapter where riders do what they do best, in a beautiful way.

Be it by pure chance, skill or coincident, when a perfect ride happens it can be felt and seen. Especially in a super slow mo high speed frame rate, which we happened to play around with this time.

STUNTISM is our creative view on the art of stunt bikes and the riders that conquer it. Hopefully we will be able to bring you some different views and perspectives (and frame rates) to get a step closer to the art of stunting. Stay tuned.

Riders in this video:

Filmed & edited by: Tobie Miller

Music by:
Bullet Train by Stephen Swartz ft. Joni Fatora

2014/06/10 |

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