Ski & snowboard event with Monster Energy, RipCurl and Swef !

Yo yo yo !
All you crazy bitches all wish you were here right now , I know you do ! 🙂

I am in Skövde in Sweden at a ski and snowboard event with Monster Energy, and this is where its goin doooown !!

Errbody here is drinking Monster like crazy, these are the days I love my job more than ever. The sun is shining in everybody’s happy. Even though I had to get up at six 6 AM . But I don’t
mind because these days that makes life worth living , right ?
I’m Gonna try to make a video of this event and I will post it later for you:) if I succeed.
I’ll show you some pictures from the event right now and hopefully you will see a video later. .

I heard there will be an after party here tonight but I’m sorry I won’t be able to attend that, because I will be hitting the streets of Gothenburg 🙂

20120225-022815 em.jpg

20120225-022825 em.jpg

20120225-022834 em.jpg

20120225-022840 em.jpg

20120225-022846 em.jpg

20120225-022851 em.jpg

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