Start with stuntriding, the first steps!

Henke goes stunting

Pimpstarlife represents a lot of different riding and areas, mostly because we, like most of you, do more than just ride one type of bike and we as a brand love to rep no matter what we decide to have fun with. One area that has been constantly growing worldwide is the stunt scene and we’re blessed to have many of the top riders around the world in our ranks!

Denting the tank

Some of you out there might have had some thoughts about trying it out but for reasons unknown haven’t taken the plunge yet – fear no more because this year our very own Henrik “Henke” is joining the fun and in a fashionable way to say the least! Having NEVER been ON a stunt bike before he went the whole nine yards and got himself a bike which we’re now fully transforming for his upcoming debut!

Stunt bike in assembly

On the journey you’ll see and hear a lot about the initial build, what you need and how to assemble different pieces and parts and then we will kick off with a video series following Henke from day one on the bike!

Stay tuned and in the meantime be sure to follow Henke on his instagram to get some sneakpeeks of the build at (instagram) @henx29!

2015/02/23 |