Team rider Daniel Roos at Nürburgring with JB Motorsport

Family rider Daniel Roos is an ace on the track, whipping down fast lap times on every track he goes to and although this post is more than a month old we still want to share it. It’s not always easy getting a race car driver to give us news in time…

essay on poverty in hindi college argumentation essays boy scout of the philippines essay essay about career aspirations david sedaris essays france sample chapter 5 dissertation word essay in which you compare and contrast commonwealth games in india essay college essay ideas The following post is taken from JB Motorsport and their weekend at the famous Nürburgring:

The weekend ended with a bittersweet podium for our brave fighters, but without any points! But one thing at a time.

All practices went without any problems, so got into the qualifying in a good shape!
Jan and Mikael did very solid runs, while our youngster Daniel Roos burned an incredible pole position into the tarmac at the Ring.

The start into the race was also driven by Daniel, he had a good run into the first laps where he gained some positions. Unfortunately we here hit at the right rear end of the car in turn 1 by a McLaren whose driver had a breaking point beyond the moon… The car was spun into the gravel, at first sight and driver feedback without any damage, but we were proofed wrong.

Daniel got the car out of the “bunker”, reported a loose rear end, but he managed to drive great laptimes again, which at first gave us now reason to worry about.

In the following rounds he overtook one opponent after oppenent, he gained many places and also overtook the class leading Porsche to gain the lead back in Gentlemens trophy! At this time Daniel was 2-3 seconds faster each lap then the Porsche and nearly 10 seconds faster then the remaining trophy cars.

Short afterwards the safetycar went our caused by an accident. We took our chance to gamble and we were rewarded: P13 in overall ranking and 4 fast laps in a row before our pitstop.

During the pitstop we suffered a problem at the right rear wheel which was nearly not to get loose. After removing the wheel we noticed a heavily bent suspension, caused by the shunt with the McLaren in the beginning stages of the race.

It is honestly a miracle how Daniel was able to drive that fast, only a 1,5 seconds slower then in qualifying! Remarkable performance of our replacement driver for Jocke!

Due to safety reasons we decided to repair the car, which cost us about 1 hour in the race. Having it done we returned to the track to get more laps, while hoping to catch the Saintéloc Audi R8 LMS of our rivals who also have been in trouble. In the final stages of Jans stint we managed to overtake the Audi, but due to the regulations we had to stop once more the take the 3rd driver, Mikael.

At the end of the race we were rewarded by a fine third place on the podium, but sadly we were not able to complete 70% of the race by only 4 laps!! which ment for us to score NO POINTS AT ALL!

This means the we lost a possible championship lead. Now we are third in the driver ranking. Despite all the troubles we had during the race we were able to win the class, drivers, mechanics, tactics were great, but luck wasn’t on our side!

Winning the championship will only be possible if our direct rivals won’t finish the race, while we score as much as possible.

But be aware: we don’t give up, we try to fight for the final race win of the season in Navarra, three weeks to go! Cross the fingers for us, we’ll do our best!

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