The Charger SRT Hellcat is here!

Tim Kuniskis, President and CEO of Dodge Brand says it all in one sentence: “This is a car that no customer has ever asked us to build”. The 2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat is the most powerful sedan ever. Yes, ever. 707hp. 881Nm. Those of you who follow me on twitter know I’m a sucker for torque. So I’ll say it again: 881Nm. From a petrol engine. That’s enough to wrinkle the tarmac at take off. Top speed is 328km/h and it’ll take you from standstill to 96km/h in 3,7 seconds.

In true Matrix spirit it comes with a red and a black key. The red key is for you, while the black key limits the driver to a “significantly reduced engine output”. There’s also a smart thing called “Valet Mode”. When Valet Mode is activated, the following vehicle configurations are enabled:
•Engine is remapped to significantly reduce horsepower and torque; limited to 4,000 rpm
•Transmission locks out access to first gear and upshifts earlier than normal
•Transmission will treat the manual shifter position the same as the drive position
•Traction, steering and suspension are set to their “Street” settings
•Steering-wheel paddle shifters are disabled
•Drive Mode functions are disabled
•Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is enabled to Full-on
•Launch Control is disabled
The driver can activate and deactivate Valet Mode with a four-digit PIN code they create. We don’t have valet parking here in Sweden, but I know for sure that’s how I’d hand it over to… oh wait, no, I’d never hand it over.

Russ Ruedisueli is the head of SRT and Motorsports Engineering. He tells us that should you be able to stretch the Hellcat out at a high speed track you can empty the fuel tank in 13 minutes if you floor it. So yes, it’s a real american muscle car.

I’d also like to point out that it looks badass. Everything from the unique dashboard, the steering wheel and the Sepia Laguna Leather seats on the inside, to the massive air inlets in the front and the subtle wing and gorgeous LED in the rear. Hats off to Klaus Busse, Mark Trostle and the rest of the team. 

The video is not what I’d hoped for, but at least we get to hear it roar. (Running footage starts at 2:20. Video should start there automatically.) So turn the sound way up, lean back, and enjoy… 

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