We’re proud to welcome Jimmie Rosgårdh to the family!


We at Pimpstarlife are proud and happy to have such a great team of riders we sponsor. The diversity in the team pinpoints most of the craziness we know and love, be it supermoto, fmx, racing or our very strong stunt team. We’re more than pleased to announce our latest team rider Jimmie Rosgårdh as part of this family and we thoroughly look forward to make shit crazy together! As one of the few spectacular stunt riders on a Supermotard, and being on top of that, being influenced to start riding from one of our family stunters this is a great match-up and we hope you’re all as excited as we are to see this progression!

Here’s a quick interview with Jimmie, and be sure to add him on those social channels:

– Hi Jimmie, super stoked to have you! Welcome to the team!
– First question then. How long have you been riding?
I bought my bike at the end of 2011 and started to stunt last year.

– And what was your first ride?
My first real ride is the one that I got now which is a slightly modified KTM 525 2005. It has a homemade subframe and 3-brake caliper handbrake system.

– How did you get started and what influenced you?
I was really inspired of Josefx3m actually. He was the only really good supermoto stunter at that time and I was thinking “how hard can it be”…

– Speaking of “how hard can it be”, any bad crashes yet?
It must be my latest crash during the warm up of a show I had about 2 months ago. I had train so much on a new trick were I do a stoppie and land on a can of coke whit my rear wheel. It wasn’t my day and my brake didn’t work as intended soo the second after I hit the brake I hit the ground. The asphalt was harder than me so I broke my hand.

– Ambitions for next year, other than getting well asap?
I will say that I have high ambitions for next year. I hope that I can fill my schedule with stunt shows, great trips around the country to stunt and ride with everyone and get a lot of  late night stunt sessions done with my boys!

– Any current projects?
Yes I have. But I won’t tell you now, hehe!

– Speaking of projects, any thoughts on Henkes (Pimpstar family) journey into the stunt world?
I look forward to see him getting into the stunt game. I really think he got what it takes!

– Last question then. Any Best/Favorite trick?
Stoppie of course!

We’d like to thank Jimmie for the interview and once again welcome him to the team. Be sure to hook up with Jimmie on Instagram and snapchat (username: jimmierosgardh).
(Photos by: Jonathan Birkemyr)



2014/11/18 |

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