So here's the deal.

Two years ago, on our 10th anniversary, we decided to stop selling all our original clothing. We wanted to celebrate 10 years of Pimpstar, the riding, the friends, the memories and we thought that would be a nice way to end the chapter before moving on to new adventures. Well, it kinda worked. 

Since then we’ve noticed more and more shops selling knock-offs of our designs, or very similar prints. That kinda sucks, so to combat that lovely trend we are re-releasing all our old stuff with a permanent discount. If you want Pimpstar merch, you should at least be able to get it straight from the source.

We’re not in it to make a buck and we would much rather work on finding ways to create new gloves, mx graphics and that damn winter-jacket (yeah those who know know). But, since we’re also pretty obnoxious, here’s a middle finger to those who think it’s ok to just copy our shit. Fuck you. Family first.